Welcome! Content for the fast-track version of the course (20 modules) is available. Content for 38 of 40 modules of the full course is now available and all will be available by mid-April! All quizzes will be available soon thereafter. We hope you enjoy Navigate Complexity.

We think there are huge benefits for teams whose members are all familiar with the complex problem solving approach and techniques. Team subscriptions allow groups of people who work together, to learn together, at a discounted price. Teams of up to 50 people can be set up directly through the site.  There are further discounts available for teams of more than 50 people (or multiple teams amounting to more than 50 people), so get in touch to find out more or to set up a large team (or several teams) for your organisation or project(s).

Teams can be set up from the start, or if you have an existing individual subscription, you can upgrade it to a team subscription in your account.

When you set up a team you have the option of paying for your team members, or asking team members to pay for themselves (this might work well if you are working on a collaborative project across organisations, or business units with separate budgets, for example).

When you set up a team you don’t have to know exactly who the team members are at that time.  For example you can set up a team of 20 people even if you don’t know who all the 20 people are yet.  You will pay for 20 ‘tokens’ and can allocate tokens to people as they come on board to your team over time.

Teams are made up of two member types – Team Leaders and Team Members. 

Each team has someone in the team who is the Team Leader.  The Team Leader has an administrative role. There can be more than one Team Leader in each team.  Team Leaders can:

  • add new team members
  • remove team members from the team (the subscription stays with the individual however – this is discussed further below).
  • invite a new member to become a Team Leader
  • view all team members’ progress throughout the course (but cannot view quiz scores)
  • can create another team

Team Members can:

  • see who else is in their team
  • see who their Team Leader(s) are
  • see the progress of other team members through the course (but not their quiz scores)
  • choose to leave a team (their Team Leader(s) will be notified by email that they have left the team)

It is important to note that Navigate Complexity subscriptions are allocated to individuals and cannot be transferred to another person, even if that person leaves your organisation during the subscription period. Team members can choose to leave the team at any time, or the Team Leader can remove someone from a team, but the person retains their subscription.

When you set up a team (or when we have set one up for you, in the case of large teams), you can:

  • enter your team members’ email addresses. Each team member will be sent an invitation email with instructions for setting up their account. People have 90 days to use their invitation. If they don’t set up their account within that time, you are able to allocate it to someone else.  You can also revoke an unused invitation at any time so you can allocate the subscription to someone else.
  • Forward people an ACCESS CODE (or email them a link or ACCESS CODE), both of which will be provided to you on team set up.  They can use either the ACCESS CODE, or the link, to set up their account. This option works well if you don’t want to input email addresses (perhaps there are too many), or if you don’t know them.

In the future we hope to introduce further team enhancements, such as a discussion forum.  If you have any other suggestions for how you would like to use teams within Navigate Complexity, please let us know your ideas!

Happy teamwork! and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.