Welcome! Content for the fast-track version of the course (20 modules) is available. Content for 38 of 40 modules of the full course is now available and all will be available by mid-April! All quizzes will be available soon thereafter. We hope you enjoy Navigate Complexity.

How do I log in to my account if my email changed?

If the email you used to sign-up and log in to your account has changed, just contact us and we’ll set you up with your new email address.

When I sign up what do I have access to?

When you activate a subscription to Navigate Complexity, you’ll have access to 40 modules, each of which explore a topic related to complex problem solving.

Each module consists of a video (typically between 5 and 29 minutes in duration). Many modules also have a quiz, downloadable worksheets, references and useful resources.

If you complete the fast-track modules, you’ll qualify for the Introduction to Complex Problem Solving certificate which you’ll be able to download. If you complete all 40 modules you’ll qualify for the Short Course in Complex Problem Solving, Strategy and Design certificate.

All subscriptions provide access to all 40 modules and you can toggle between the fast-track and full short course as you wish. Subscriptions last for one year after which they can be renewed. Early subscriptions last for 18 months (while we get all modules uploaded).

Who is this course intended for?

Pretty much anyone and everyone who works with complex problems or who is interested in the topic!  It doesn’t matter whether you are a high school student or a CEO, or a Prime Minister or a school teacher.  This course deliberately shares ideas about problem solving that are not typically taught elsewhere.  Even if some of the content is not entirely new to you, some of it will be, and what it truly different about this course is that it brings many useful ideas together in one place, so you can see how they work together.  The course is presented in plain English with many examples and stories, so it is very accessible to those who are in the later years of high school onwards.

Is any prerequisite knowledge required for this course?

No. All lessons are presented in plain English and do not assume any prior knowledge in any discipline.  The content is designed to be understood by anyone irrespective of their experience and expertise.  The skills and techniques taught are intended to complement your existing skills and knowledge. Some topics and styles of thinking may be very new to some people and therefore may require you to watch a video more than once to fully comprehend it.

Am I eligible to sign up for a student subscription?

We are very pleased to offer significant discounts to the education sector. Please see the eligibility criteria for student subscriptions. Further discounts for students apply if the educational institution recommends Navigate Complexity as a resource for a unit of study (as they might recommend a text book), or if the educational institution purchases subscriptions on behalf of their students and/or staff.  Please contact us to find out more.

I am a teacher or lecturer at an educational institution and I’d like to show one (or more) of your videos to my class. How do I go about that?

Teaching licenses for educational purposes at educational institutions are available, and at a discount!  Please subscribe to an Educator license which will give you 12 months access to the resources to use with your students.  If you recommend Navigate Complexity as a resource to your students (as you would a text book), or if you would like to purchase subscriptions on behalf of your students and/or staff, further discounts also apply, so please contact us to discuss or arrange.  You can also see the eligibility criteria.

How do ‘team’ subscriptions work?

We think there are huge benefits for teams whose members are all familiar with the complex problem solving approach and techniques. Team subscriptions allow groups of people who work together, to learn together, at a discounted price. Teams of up to 50 people can be set up directly through the site.  There are further discounts available for teams of more than 50 people (or multiple teams amounting to more than 50 people), so get in touch to find out more or to set up a large team (or several teams) for your organisation or project(s).  Find out more about how team subscriptions work.

I am a consultant and would like to use some of the materials with my clients. Is this possible?

Individual subscriptions are for individual use only and cannot be used with groups (unless you have a team subscription where all members of the team have a subscription, or, if you are an educator at an educational institution).

If you would like to use these materials with your clients, this can be arranged through a license – please contact us to discuss licensing options.

I have signed up to your course but I am changing jobs (employer). Can I take my subscription with me?

Yes.  The subscriptions are assigned to an individual and subscriptions stay with the individual.  You can change the email address in your account in Account Settings.

If you are a member of a Navigate Complexity team, you may leave the team (but keep your subscription) through My Team.  In the event that you leave your team, your team administrator will be advised you’ve left the team by email.

What is your approach to privacy?

We take your privacy very seriously.  We only store your email address and will never share that with anyone. We do not store your full payment details and we use a trusted third party payment system (Stripe) for payments.

If you are a member of a team, your team administrator has visibility of your progress through the short course (i.e. how many modules you have completed) but not visibility of your progress with the quiz questions.

Do I need internet access to access the course?

Yes, internet access is required to access all course materials. The worksheets and references/notes can be downloaded but the videos cannot.

My internet is poor quality. Will I still be able to access the course?

You should be able to.  You are able to select the quality with which you view videos.  If you have lower-speed internet, choose a lower-quality resolution to improve watchability.  At the bottom-right corner of each video is a pop-up menu called ‘Auto’. Click on this to select your preferred picture quality.

When I play the videos they stop and start. What can I do?

This is most likely because the internet service in your area is lower speed at the moment.  Try selecting a lower quality picture resolution to improve watchability.  At the bottom-right corner of each video is a pop-up menu called ‘Auto’. Click on this to select a lower picture quality.

Are subscriptions transferrable?

No. Subscriptions are allocated to individuals and stay with the individual for the subscription period.  See the question below for more information.

Who does the subscription belong to if I leave the organisation that paid for my subscription?

It is important to note that Navigate Complexity subscriptions are allocated to individuals and cannot be transferred to another person, even if that person leaves the organisation who may have paid for it, during the subscription period. Team members can choose to leave the team at any time, or the Team Leader can remove someone from a team, but the person retains their subscription.  This is for two reasons. First, each subscriber has a personalised profile which remembers bookmarks and progress through the course. Second, undertaking Navigating Complexity is similar to undertaking any other course – the learning is an individual exercise (an employee could have done this course in a 2 day face-to-face format. This is just another format for course delivery).

What is required to earn a Certificate?

To earn the fast-track certificate (Introduction to Complex Problem Solving) you will need to have completed all modules marked as ‘fast-track’ (look out for the lightning bolt icon next to module titles). This includes watching all videos and completing the required quizzes successfully (the quiz questions may be attempted an unlimited number of times).

To earn the full short course certificate (Short Course in Complex Problem Solving, Strategy and Design) you will need to have completed all 40 modules This includes watching all videos and completing the required quizzes successfully (the quiz questions may be attempted an unlimited number of times).

It is easy to toggle between the fast-track and full short course, as you wish. When you qualify, you’ll be notified and you will be able to download your certificate(s).


I don’t have a password. Do I need one?

No. Navigate Complexity uses an email-authenticated log in process to improve security and privacy (and so you don’t have to remember a password!).  Each time you log in, you will enter your email address only.  If your email address is linked to a current subscription you will be sent a 4 digit PIN to your email address to access the course.

What copyright obligations do I need to be aware of?

Subscriptions are for personal and individual use only (unless you have arranged a team subscription or a license). Videos may not be downloaded and shared. Downloadable pdfs may not be shared with anyone outside the licensing or teaching arrangements.

We encourage teams to watch videos together but each team member must have a team subscription.

All original sources are attributed and cited in our work. Ideas and techniques explored in the course must be attributed to the Navigate Complexity resource, or the original source as cited in the online course notes and references.

Please cite the Navigate Complexity resource as:

MacMaster, J. (2019), Navigate Complexity: 20 Questions for Complex Problem Solving and Strategy Design (and Practical Techniques to Help Answer Them), www.navigatecomplexity.com

I have signed up to the course but I have changed my mind. What should I do?

We understand that from time to time people change their mind for a range of reasons. We strive for the highest quality educational content but if you would like to discuss cancellation of your subscription, please contact us.

English is not my first language. Is the the course available in any other languages?

We are working on providing this course in other languages.  Please get in touch to find out the status of the language version you are interested in.

My question has not been answered here. What should I do?

Please contact us!