Welcome to the beta (early release) of our online short course!  18 of the 40 modules are available and you will see updates week-by-week. Please let us know your feedback so we can improve the prototype videos. Thank you.. and happy problem solving!

Here are some resources you may find useful, including a summary of our 20 Questions for complex problem solving, and an information booklet about our short courses. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please get in touch!

All sources (academic papers, books, websites, and other references) which informed Navigate Complexity are given within each module.

Coming soon:

  • Complex Problem Solving – A Conceptual Model – an academic-style paper explaining and justifying the genesis and structure of the approach for complex problem solving.
  • How to go about solving complex problems – an article-style paper which will provide an explanation of what complex problem solving means, what it entails and an introduction to the practical things that need to be done to ‘do’ complex problem solving.